Some Reviews

"The raga "Charukeshi" was recited to precision and got its full bloom in the voices of Bhaswati, sung in ektaal bilambit laya and drut tintaal"

- Anandabazar Patrika, 20.07.2001

"The artist gifted with a voice at once mellifluous and bright rendered "Shudh Kalyan" ably, highlighting all the facts of the Raga at the same time maintaining its individuality as distinct from either Bhupali or Bhup Kalyan".

- The Statesman, Kolkata, 30.03.1995

"Raga "Kedar" in vocal was delicately presented by Bhaswati Mitra. The Raga became colourful with a subtle beauty for the style of her application of notes particularly in alaap-portion".

- Bartamaan, 19.05.1995

"Bhaswati began her performance with the popular Raga "Yman". The song (Gaao ri aaj mangala) was presented in her impeccable voice with a divine perfection that is a clear indication of a blend of natural talent in inseparable harmony with years of nurturing through hard work. The application of Kharay or Mandra Saptak together with the extension through notes Ni Re Ga, Dha Ni Re Ma Ga, Pa Ma Re Ga, Ni Dha Ni Re Dha Sa was flawless and done with outstanding melody. In this Raga, the Swar Bistaar of Alaap and Taan were accomplished with perfect elegance. After that she performed a number of assorted Bhajans that portrayed her immense talent as she comfortably treaded between various forms of music with amazing ease."

- Sambaad Protidin, 10.09.1997


Interview with Kolkata TV, 2007