It is a delightful presentation from the State of Assam in India to the (Classical Vocal) music lovers and it is Bhaswati (Ruma) Mitra with her endowed voice. Bhaswati Mitra was born and brought up in a musical family of Assam. Her primary inspiration came from her father. She started receiving her musical lessons from her father Late Chittaranjan Deb, at the tender age of six years. Her father was a prominent disciple of Sangitacharya Pt. Ratan Jhankar., who was the principal of Bhatkhande Sangeet Mahavidyalaya,Lucknow. Bhaswati then took extensive taalim from Pt. Shrikant Bakhre, who was a devoted student of the world famous maestro Ustad Aamir Khan Saheb (Kirana Gharana). That Gharana finds a divine prominence in all of Bhaswati's music. Later on, she became the disciple of renowned guru Smt. Shreela Bandopadhyay. Bhaswati is a Bachelor of Music (B. Mus) from Lucknow's Bhatkhande Music College and Master of Music (M. Mus) from Allahabad College on Indian Classical Vocal Music. Academically, she is a B. Com from North Bengal University, India. Bhaswati, at the age of only 11 yrs., took part in the Classical Music Conference at Guwahati and got a great applause from the distinguished audience. The god-gifted versatility of Bhaswati's puritan ability is manifested in her voice, which enables to illuminate her music with notation and interknitted Taan. This also keeps pace to change to Thumri or other light classical music if requested fron her well charmed audience. While singing Bhajans with her mellow voice, she takes her audience on to a sphere of celestial enjoy with its content and melody. Likewise, she charmes her hearers when singing Ghazals, Bengali modern songs or others.